Marketing yourslelf : show us your superyou!

Today it’s not enough to just be. There’s too much competition. You need powerful networking and communication. Stop hiding! Show us the SuperYou!

During a highly interactive PWN workshop on May 6, Laurence Attias, certified HEC Executive Coach, shared with the participants some tools and key success factors in order to build self-confidence to achieve their professional goals while staying true to their values.

« Marketing yourself » : what is it all about?

To market yourself effectively, you must dare to step forth!

Indeed, very often and especially if you are a woman, you do not dare showing off your qualities, strengths and successes. While this might partially relates to your personal history, your culture, it is critical to understand your personal blocking points to work on your identity, your brand and dare to « sell » yourself.Because in the end … what could you lose when getting under the spotlight? What really matters? It is merely a matter of knowing and respecting yourself and having some tools which will improve your impact in all circumstances.

  • Realize the importance of non-verbal communication: when introducing oneself, a good choice of words is necessary but not sufficient. You must have the relevant facial expressions, gestures, posture and tone of voice in order not to distort the meaning of your message.
  • Find the right words to introduce yourself: it is critical to tailor your message according to circumstances and interlocutors.
  • Be ready to talk about your successes and to answer a superior asking « What’s new? ». Prepare a couple of forceful sentences talking about YOU, not we, not them, focusing on your added value.
  • Learn to say « no » to assert yourself more, to win recognition. Never apologize. You should rather say “Thank you for your patience” when you are late, “Thank you for your understanding” when you did a mistake.

« Marketing yourself » : why is it important?

To start “Marketing yourself” you must agree to stop and think about your own values. But more importantly you must acquire the right tools to make you a charismatic woman in line with your values and beliefs, building on your personal strengths to be visible throughout your network.

Armed with those useful tips, the workshop participants are ready to DARE to promote themselves and to develop a marketing plan… for themselves!

Laurence ATTIAS, Coach & Trainer at All Positive

After 20 years holding various managerial positions in Commercial and Marketing Directions in charge of Key Accounts, Laurence Attias has developed a keen interest in human relations. Indeed she managed, led but also trained a large number of employees on a variety of subjects associated with sales techniques, project management, personal and professional development.
Certified HEC Executive Coach, trained in Process Communication and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she works today as a coach specialized in personal and professional development.
Her motto: « When knowing-how-to-be creates performance ».

Interview linked to Laurence Attias’ workshop for PWN.

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